A Full Array of Site Contracting Services

Proven Results

Our wide variety of site development services and strong history of performance are just a few of the reasons that owners and contractors trust us with their projects.

We have repeatedly proven our ability to complete projects on time, and on budget. Our business has been built by experienced, detail-oriented project managers who focus on professionalism. This combination yields efficient service which ultimately results in a satisfied customer base. Kelpe Contracting employs roughly 85 employees and works an average of 15 job sites daily.

Storm Sewer

Establishing job-site drainage is important to complete early and maintain throughout all phases of any project.  When excavating, one of the first things we do is implement a storm water pollution prevention plan (commonly referred to as SWPPP).  This helps protect existing inlets, bio-retention basins, and other storm piping from silt, dirt, rocks, debris and/or other site runoff that may occur from the construction process.

Kelpe Contracting, Inc. installs area inlets, curb inlets, grated inlets, bio-retention basins, outflow structures, downspout drainage, and all types of storm pipe to keep areas of land and roadways free from excessive watershed.  These crucial steps prevent issues such as erosion, flooding, dangerous driving conditions, property damage, and keeps the above-stated runoff from entering rivers and streams.  Our stormwater practices allow us to effectively install utilities while being environmentally conscience.

Sanitary Sewer

Kelpe Contracting, Inc. started in the utility business in 1960.  One of the services we have provided from the very beginning is the installation of sanitary sewer systems.  These systems have changed in design throughout the years; however, the concept remains the same.  We have witnessed these changes and adapted with the times.  We have installed gravity sewers, drain fields, drip irrigation systems, chambered systems, pump/lift stations, etc.  Anywhere from shallow to deep, if you have a need for a sanitary sewer system, we would be happy to provide you with an estimate tailored to your specific needs!

Water Main Installation

Kelpe Contracting, Inc. has worked with various water districts around the St. Louis area to install water main, building service lines, and fire protection lines.  Our fleet of zero tail swing excavators enables us to perform trench excavation in even the tightest locations.  We have worked with many types of pipe including C900, C905, HDPE, Ductile Iron Pipe, Schedule 40, etc.  We effectively restrain our water pipe to ensure that all connection points remain tight and sealed up over time.  We have a very respectable reputation amongst the various water districts because we take pride in our work during each stage of the installation and compliance testing process.

Kelpe Contracting, Inc. has vast experience in the testing and sanitation of newly installed water main.  We pressure test these systems at proper specifications to ensure that valves, bends, and piping is free of leaks. Once the pressure testing is complete, we perform chlorination and de-chlorination of the water main.  We also pull samples for bacteria testing to ensure the water is safe for consumption for the end user. We pride ourselves in having one of the most effective and comprehensive testing procedures on newly installed water mains in the St. Louis area.

Electric Conduit

Our team of experienced excavators can operate in almost any location for the installation of electric conduit piping.

In many instances, the electric conduit has been installed in the same trench as other utilities, such as water main. This provides cost savings to the customer by increasing the efficiency of our installation. Similar to other utility installation practices, our crews backfill in proper lift amounts and use plate compaction methods to prevent sinking pavement and broken sidewalks.

Plants & Lagoons

Kelpe has installed several residential sewage treatment systems as well as lagoons. We are also experienced in the service and rehabilitation of these systems.

Lift Stations

In flat areas less conducive to gravity flow piping, sanitary lift stations are an effective option for the elevation and removal of wastewater.

Kelpe Contracting has a deep understanding of the smallest details required to install water treatment receiving wells, lift pumps and junction boxes. We have installed over a dozen duplex and triplex pump stations for MSD, as well as hundreds of residential grinder pump systems. Often we are able to make recommendations in the design phase which will make maintenance easier and increase the longevity of the pump station.