Over 20 Years of Blasting & Crushing Experience

Efficient, Safe and Environmentally Conscious

Our crushing and blasting abilities open up many capabilities and competitive advantages.

We are self sufficient on projects that require rock breaking and/or rock removal. What does this mean for you? It means we can safely deliver quality and efficiency to your job-site.

Quality Crushing & Blasting

Our on-staff licensed blaster undergoes training and re-certification annually to ensure the proper handling and use of all explosives. Additionally, our crushing and screening equipment turns large, in-consistent, and virtually unusable rock, concrete, and asphalt into a nice uniform product that can be used for:

  • Temporary Construction Roads
  • Subgrade Material
  • Backfill Material
  • Concrete & Asphalt Recycling
  • Screening

Our screeners ensure that the material generated from our crushing operation is the correct size for the application.

Mobile Equipment

The fact that our crushing equipment is mobile helps in many ways.

If a job-site has several stockpiles of material in multiple locations, we can accommodate by crushing them one at a time. Mobile crushing equipment also gives us the ability to crush and discharge the material in windrows, which makes the spreading of this material extremely quick and easy.

Have you ever been on a project where multiple trades on-site at the same time? Our crushing operations can be quickly moved to a location that is out of the way of these trades so maximum productivity can be achieved. When looking at the overall picture, creating your own rock material not only saves you money in material costs but saves delivery costs of material and reduces overall construction traffic.

Environmental Protection

We strive to operate by the safest and most effective drilling, blasting, crushing, and screening practices.

We incorporate water delivery systems to reduce dust and the delivery of silica into the atmosphere. We also implement stormwater pollution protection plans (SWPPP) at all of our crushing job-sites to control the contamination that can occur from water run-off.