Tom Kelpe

Tom started at “Kelpe Ditching Company” in June of 1965 under the supervision of his father, Claude Kelpe.  He operated equipment and installed pipe for septic and water systems.  Tom worked full time at Kelpe after graduating High School in 1971.  From June 1972 to June 1975, Tom served in the US Army Corps of Engineers.  After completing his service in the Corps, Tom worked in a Foreman capacity prior to assuming management responsibilities of the company in 1980.  Tom became the President and Owner of Kelpe Contracting, Inc. in January of 1989.  Tom still holds this role today and is responsible for the growth of the business into a nearly 100 employee organization.  Under Tom’s leadership, Kelpe Contracting has acquired a respectable truck and equipment fleet.  This has allowed us the privilege of working everything from smaller private projects to multi-million-dollar developments.  Tom’s extensive knowledge of the construction industry has allowed us to work in both General Contractor and Sub-Contractor capacities.  Aside from managing the business, Tom still finds time to bid projects, manage projects, manage professional relationships and give back to the community.  When Tom is not at work, he enjoys skiing, running, biking, hiking, and spending time with his children.